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07 June 2022

Every business today is fully aware of the need for regular cleaning services to ensure a clean, hygienic environment that encourages a better work experience and optimum output.

But here’s something to think about.

While you’re keeping your business workplace clean on a day-to-day basis, are you also keeping it well maintained?

Can you remember the last time you had your carpets not just vacuumed but professionally steam cleaned? Have you recently checked your premises for the health risks of mould? Have your floors seen better days and in need of a little restoration?

Depending on your type of business environment, regular 6 monthly maintenance can work wonders on a number of levels. ­­­­­

Firstly, you’re protecting a valuable asset for your business while potentially saving costs by avoiding more serious maintenance work in the long term.

Then there are the more intangible benefits of staff morale and performance that comes from a clean, well maintained and inviting environment, especially in winter.

Cleanliness is next to maintenance

The good news is that regular maintenance of your property is as easy as partnering with ACS Property Services because we simply do it all.

Think of us as your one-stop property maintenance shop.

We not only provide you with our industry-leading cleaning services and expertise but offer a breadth of property maintenance services to ensure your workplace is always in prime condition.

On top of that, all of our services use the latest, sustainable technologies and systems to guarantee you’re not only maintaining your property but also looking after the environment.

Maintenance from the ground up

From floor to ceiling, ACS Property Services have your property maintenance needs covered.

Depending on your environment and the age and wear on your carpets, we can advise you on how often you should have your carpets steam cleaned each year, to ensure they look great and last longer. We only source the latest environmentally friendly technology and equipment with our expertly trained staff to ensure optimum results.

Should you need repairs or restoration to any of your hard floors, our specialist flooring team is ready to work with you.

We can rejuvenate your old slippery floors back to their former glory reaching the highest non-slip P5 standards available.

Specialist treatments that break the mould

The last thing you want to see on your property is mould. It’s not only an unsightly mess to look at, and it’s also a health hazard for everyone in your workplace.

Our specialist team at ACS Property Services will start by removing all visible mould from your property.

Then, as experts in mould remediation, we’ll identify the causes of the mould growth and, using the latest innovative technology, provide some practical solutions and advice to ensure your mould problem is dealt with effectively.

This process of air quality assessment, mould investigation and remediation treatment ensures where you work can be restored to a safe environment for the future.


Watering down the effects of property damage

Water damage caused by flooding, heavy rain or leaky plumbing can strike at the worst time, causing damage to your office and equipment, such as wet carpets and furniture and stained or damaged walls.

At ACS Property Services, our disaster recovery team specialises in drying out and cleaning your property. We can minimalise the damage and risk of contamination and mould during the restoration process.

In fact, the sooner you can speak to us, and we start recovery work, the better the results will be for you.


Maintaining a great partnership

If you’re looking for someone to look after your property with cleaning services, it really does pay to find the right people who can also provide expert property maintenance services across the board.

Especially when all our maintenance services have a strong focus on sustainable technology for a better environmental outcome.

To learn more about the services we can provide you, visit our services page.

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