ACS Indigenous is now at Lot 14 in Adelaide.

25 March 2024

ACS Indigenous is thrilled to share that we’ve recently been awarded the cleaning services contract at Lot Fourteen, a hub of innovation and progress! Nestled in Adelaide’s CBD, Lot Fourteen is a 7-hectare world-class innovation district fostering collaboration and groundbreaking research. From global tech giants like Amazon Web Services, Airbus, and Salesforce to renowned research institutions, this is where the future is not just envisioned but brought to life!

Lot Fourteen zeroes in on space, defence, cyber, and creative industries, all powered by critical technologies. It’s more than a district; it’s a dynamic ecosystem shaping tomorrow’s solutions. Following a competitive tender process, Renewal SA selected ACS Indigenous due to its mutually shared vision to forge genuine partnerships that create meaningful social, cultural and economic change for First Nations people.

And speaking of success stories. We want to celebrate Raine Karpany, whose incredible journey from her Ngarrindjeri roots, to starting as a cleaner, has now led her to becoming a Client Services Manager for ACS Indigenous. Raine oversees our cleaning provision at Lot Fourteen, plus the cleaning services for a number of the Lot Fourteen tenancies. Her success embodies the ACS Indigenous values of providing positive long term career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We’re delighted to be a part of Lot Fourteen’s journey, contributing to the innovation that will drive positive change right in the heart of Adelaide. ACS Indigenous is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services, which enhances the vibrant community and inclusive environment at Lot Fourteen.

Shaun Burgoyne, our ACS Indigenous Director, Lewis Igini, ACS CEO, Tom Wightman, ACS State Manager and Raine Karpany, Client Services Manager, recently met at Lot Fourteen for a collaborative meeting with the Office of Industry Advocates. The session involved discussions with Phillip Dowsett, Deputy Industry Advocate, and Susanne Panagaris, Senior Industry Participation Consultant, with the aim of strengthening our partnership and share expectations.

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