National Reconciliation Week 2023

05 June 2023

National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to come together and reflect on the importance of building respectful relationships between First Nation Australians and the wider community. It serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility we hold in creating a more inclusive and equitable society. As a services business, we recognise our role in contributing to this vision of national unity and strive to foster reconciliation in everything we do.

We believe education plays a vital role in this years theme of Being a Voice for Generations, and the ACS Group actively participated in various nationwide activities aimed at paving the way for a more reconciled future.

To commence the week our corporate team in Victoria gathered and were joined virtually by our ACS Indigenous Director, Shaun Burgoyne.  We learned from Shaun what Reconciliation Week means to him, and the significance of the various days within the week.

We also indulged in a morning tea from Mabu Mabu, a local First Nations caterer, and learnt about the native ingredient’s used within many of the delicious items. And finally, we engaged in a lively game of Kolap from the Torres Strait Islands, resulting in CFO Anthony Stein and Client Services Manager Narelle Spitiri as the victorious team. Congratulations to them!


On Friday the 2nd of June, our SA corporate team attended the Property Council of Australia’s Reconciliation Week Breakfast in Adelaide.  Where we heard from Kuma Kaara’s Founder, Jack Buckskin, about Aboriginal kinship and the importance of the larger immediate family, in particular Aunties and Uncles, who have an active role in raising the children.  Next, we received insights from a panel that explored how RAPs contribute to the development of accountable roadmaps towards Reconciliation.

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