Waste Management

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and so work closely with our clients to develop and implement Waste Management programs that ultimately divert waste from landfill.

At ACS Property Services, we offer Waste Management and Recycling programs that deliver not only real cost savings but improved environmental practices for our clients.

We have a clear focus on always striving to evolve our programs as new technologies are introduced and data comes to light. In this way we continue to maintain our position as an industry leader at the forefront of Waste Management.

Supporting our Waste Management initiatives and strategies are the education programs we provide, which are designed to encourage all of our clients’ customers to do their bit towards reducing their impact on the environment.

ACS Property Services can use our preferred Waste suppliers or we will partner with your suppliers to achieve our overall Waste Management commitment.

Should you choose to use one of our preferred suppliers, they will transport all waste to a certified landfill or transfer station which is then disposed of in accordance with current EPA regulations.

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